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Visualhow, designs personalised tutorials or presentation movie clips as learning aids, powerful marketing tools or just great extras for modern customer service.

The idea is simple. We take computer tasks and screen capture them, and produce running movie clips made up of these recorded slides or videos. We add special effects, add caption boxes and highlight areas which enable the viewer to complete the task displayed.

This can be a real boon for sales presentations too. When this methodology is applied as a sales technique, your customers will be able to see how your product looks in action and clearly view the advantages

Produced as Flash or Quicktime movies, they can be displayed on the web, or can be used for CD and/or DVD production to be used as promotional tools or manuals. We can add audio, if you so wish, which can enhance the overall effect.

If you are tired of reading page after page of text on installing a new product or setting up various packages, then so are your customers and potential clients! Itís tiresome stuff for all! We are able to produce a time-saving way of letting the customer watch, in stages, exactly what is required to use a new product or application.

Our productions can dramatically reduce the time wasted in setting up and instructing customers and staff, and completely remove the frustrations of poorly constructed training manuals. Sessions using competent training tutorials are time-efficient in your own offices: staff can visualise and master a task in their own working environment, thus giving faster learning curves than with external training sessions. And, of course, the material is always at hand for repeat training and refreshers

You can view the power of Visual How on this site. A working example

At present the team are revamping our screen capture examples for this website, but if you would like any material emailed to you please contact the design team direct. If you would like to speak to someone about the potential benefits please telephone: (44)07811 422946


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